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About Us

Rabbi Kivi & Zeesy Greenbaum - Directors

Rabbi Kivi and Zeesy devote themselves tirelessly to help the students at TCNJ in any way they can. Together with their children, they have become a real family to many of the students, a source of support for others and have built great friendships with even more. With a family next door, the students know they have somewhere to turn to in a time of need.


About Chabad

Chabad, a branch of the Chassidic movement was led most recently by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn ob”m. He has successfully rebuilt the Jewish nation from the ashes of the holocaust to the thriving communities we see worldwide. There are over 3000 Chabad centers around the world, each servicing their constituents, in every way possible. With the ethos of “Love your fellow, like you love yourself”, Chabad families move to communities in need of leadership and selflessly devote themeselves to the need of every member.

In addition to community service, Chabad has a prime focus on education. The word Chabad is an acronym of 3 Hebrew words which translate as: Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge. In today’s rat race of society, we believe it is imperative for each individual to strive to understand the very meaning of why they exist. With so many people searching for happiness, Chabad is able to provide people with direction in finding their purpose.

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